The BEST Basic for the Atari ST

' My goal here is to try and fill the void left by the company which has
' decided to no longer maintain and support GFA-Basic for the Atari.
> PROCEDURE Programming_Tools             !Development Tools
> PROCEDURE GFA_Patches                   !GFA patch programs
> PROCEDURE Documentation_and_Protocols   !Programming information
> PROCEDURE Source_Code                   !Example listings
> PROCEDURE GFA-Basic_FAQ                 !Questions and answers
> PROCEDURE GFA-Basic for the amiga       !WTF?
> PROCEDURE The_Origins_of_GFA-Basic      !Written by Frank Ostrowski
> PROCEDURE Status_of_GFA-Basic           !Plea for help
> PROCEDURE The_Future                    !News and rumors
> PROCEDURE Chats_and_Discussions         !Contact other coders
> PROCEDURE GFA-Basic_Tutorial            !Created by Matthias Arndt
> PROCEDURE Books_and_Manuals             !Reference material
> FUNCTION More_GFA_STuff                 !GokMasE's GFA Page
> FUNCTION GFA_Basic_Archives             !Misc downloads
> FUNCTION Contact_Me                     !If you wish to contribute anything
' I'd like to thank those that have helped contribute to this project. :o)
' eof

This site is just to small to host all the files I had planned to make available, however an alternate site has been setup. The GFA-Basic Archives are hosted by Atari-Users Network. Thanks Rob!! Ckeck it out.. for the latest Atari news around the world and much more!


Every effort has been made to insure that the files listed here can be redistributed in this manner. If for some reason you feel that a certain file should not be listed here please let me know. Thank you.

* Last updated: 5/24/2014